Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Giordano's. Chicago, Illinois.

DSC00162i have heard of how great this pizza was for years. i have seen a few tv programs about the origins of Chicago pizza and they always mention Giordano's as one of the founders, and best, of Chicago pizza.

we went to Chicago this past weekend and this was a top DSC00166  priority. after hunting down some info online i found that the Hyde Park location was the original location, so that is where we had to go. i figured if we came from flint for some pizza i want the for real deal and not some chain version of it.DSC00165

everything that i have ever heard of this place was spot on. this pie was delicious! the only place i can compare it to is pizza papalis, which is way up there in my favorite pizzas. Giordano's was far better assembled than pizza papalis. the cheese is thick, the sauce is just right, the inside of the crust is doughy and the outsides are crisp.

the place was actually a lot smaller than i had expected and thought it was a little odd that they did not serve alcohol. the waiter dude laughed at me when i ordered an arnold palmer…he had no idea what it was, pretty funny. but yeah, we started with a spinach artichoke dip and that was top notch. it was served with slices of garlic bread that hit the spot.DSC00163

if you ever go to Chicago  and you do not go to Giordano's then you are making a gigantic mistake!