Sunday, November 22, 2009

VGS!!! on silver lake parkway. fenton.

anyone that has ever lived in fenton, or knows someone that lives in fenton, or has been hungry in fenton past midnight knows that there isnt ANYTHING to eat in that town other than taco bell. and that sucks.

ive been living in flint for 5 years now and i have just gotten used to being able to walk across the street and going to tom z's or driving to center rd to the starlight diner when im hungry and its late. but in fenton, you stay hungry and bored. man, i do not miss living in this town.

the pizza at vgs is decent. they have two sizes, one size is 7 dollars and one thats 9 dollars. we got the 7 dollar one and it does the trick. i honestly cant tell you what they have for toppings but whatever we have ordered we have always been able to get. even though the pizza is just alright, it sure beats eating nothing or settling for a store bought frozen pie.

two summers ago when me and lana first started dating we would go to vgs and get a pizza 3 or 4 times a week. me, being awkward and shy and really not knowing what to do while hanging out with a girl looked forward to this. actually, the first time we got pizza at vgs they had carmel kit kat bars for sale so i convinced her to letting me put it on the pizza. it was good if you ask me. the story may be a little different if you ask her. she puts up with all my weird ideas. thanks lana!

so all in all. if you are hungry or bored or just socially awkward and on a date and its late. go to vgs, ask for ashly(jay dowds little sister) and get yourself a pie!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

grand blanc inn

every tuesday is half off pizza night at the grand blanc in. cool! another half off pizza in town! well i think i would rather wait for the weekend to get white horse after this pie. the 5 day wait may seem like its far off but fuck, its well worth it.

the pizza here is just a bit off. the crust is too thick to be a thin crust but too thin to be a thick crust and its definitely not hand tossed.they overload the crust with Parmesan cheese but no butter or garlic so its very bland tasting. the sauce is super sweet and has a weird tang to it. the cheese is right on point and the topping choices are very good. i found the colder the pizza got the better it tasted...but maybe it was because i didnt like the first few slices that i ended up drenching each piece with Tabasco. ahh yes, the beauty of hot sauce. oh hot sauce, i love you. also, to get half off you have to eat half the pizza. and these pizzas are HUGE! so beware of what size you order. speaking of huge, they have a 28" pie!!

other than the mediocre pizza the actual restaurant was pretty cool. tvs are everywhere and 80s metal is blasting from the dj booth in the corner. bon jovi, motley crue, and u2 were a few of the bands being played. we got there around 7:15pm and the place was packed full of old people. it was weird. and they were loud! strange.

anyway, they had fried pickles! so good!!
all in all, the grand blanc inn isnt that bad. for you beer drinkers they have a tuesday night $2 draft special. so i guess thats cool? and if you are a fan of sweat pizza sauce then you wont be disappointed in the pizza. overall we spent 17 dollars and some change for a large pizza, fried pickles, and one beer. so the price is right.

also, if you get some of your pizza to go they put it on a paper plate, wrap it in tin foil, and then put it paper bag! how fucking cool is that!?
over the past few days ive found two other bloggers from this area that have their own food blogs. check them out!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

delucas-lansing, mi

on friday me and lana went out to lansing to check out a show at the basement 414 where our friends in trisorta and the summer pledge played. before the show we hit up a few record stores with our friend lance and later met up with his girlfriend, kate, and went to get some pizza at delucas. lance told me how great the place was and talked it up alot so i was expecting it to be great. lance didnt let me down!

walking up to the place it just looked like your normal old person friday night dinner joint. it was all brick and lots of brown. i was just assuming i would be walking into a place covered in brown leather seats and being served water in those clear plastic brown tinted cups and looking at real crappy animal paintings on the walls. but as i walked in the inside was really nice and fancy...maybe a little too fancy for us as we found out later on. some dude wouldnt stop staring at us when we left our table, it was pretty awkward and uncomfortable for us. but anyway, when we walked in we had to take a ticket and wait a good 20-30 minutes before being seated. in this time there had to have been 15-20 people picking up a pizza they ordered for take out. this alone made me believe i was about to get some good shit.

we ordered two appetizers and a large za. the wait was kinda long but thats to be expected since there wasnt an open seat anywhere and the waitress kept the drinks coming so that was cool. the pizza was nice and thick, cooked perfectly. i know ive said in previous posts that the pizza was piled high in cheese, well, this pizza was literally the cheesiest pie ive had, ever. when we took the first slice out the strings of cheese from the slice to the pizza was a good 8 inches long and probably could have stretched out to a foot long if we really wanted to. you literally had to take a knife to cut the strings of cheese away from the pizza. we got a picture of that but something happened to lances camera and the picture was lost. bummer!! the sauce was real nice and sweet, the dough was soft and real thick. did i mention it was thick crust? i dont think i have. but man, it was real thick. i loved it and i normally hate deep dish.

shit, this is longer than expected. thanks lance for taking us! this is what lance has to say about it.

"The pizza here at Deluca's is easily my favorite slice here in Lansing, it completely dominates over Pizza House, which was my go to slice before I discovered Deluca's. I've never had a pizza with so much cheese on it before, I mean this stuff is cheesy! Don't waste your money on double cheese because this pizza has ability make even the biggest cheese fan in the world say WOW! All in all, Deluca's is a great value and extremely high quality!"

Thursday, November 12, 2009


so tonight me and lana went to luigis before going to the flint institute of arts to check out a movie called dead snow. the movie was about zombie Nazis attacking these medical students on spring break. it was pretty cool. the movie was called dead snow, check it out.

there is just something about thin crust that allows you to woof down slice after slice and not feel full, gross, or greasy. luigis has been around forever. its on davison road and its delicious. they serve the pizza nice and thin with the topping and cheese right to the edge. the crust is crispy and flaky, the sauce is light, and they dont nickle and dime you with the toppings. i am usually a franks red hot or Tabasco guy except when it comes to luigis, then its all about vinegar. god, the pizza is so good. if you are looking for thin crust in flint, from my knowledge, luigis is the place to go.

we also got cheese bread. sorry in advance, mom, but if you could cook i would imagine this cheese bread being served up at our family spaghetti dinners. its made on a 1/4 loaf of Italian bread with some garlic butter on it and then piled thick with cheese. the garlic butter soaks into the bread and its fucking good.

here is the address to luigis. i suggest you check it out!!
2132 Davison Rd
Flint, MI 48506-3642
(810) 234-9545

lana drew this picture on the place mat at dinner, thought i would share it.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


tyler and burton told me i should come up with a rating scale so each place gets rated on the same stuff. so im gonna start doing that, but first i need to come up with what i want to rate each place by. so until then, heres another post of another great za.

there isn't many highlights about flints north end. its pretty run down and high in crime rates. but on north saginaw there is romas, and it is fantastic! for years i have heard about this place and i finally went to check it out last night with lana.

the restaurant is small and a little run down, but i like that. the kitchen is open, and after working in an open kitchen for 7 years, i like to see the people make my food. the servers seems to know everyone. we ordered waters and they came with 2 lemon slices that were connected together with those little plastic swords and that is fucking cool too. with the water she gave us a glass of extra lemons, which were also connected with a plastic sword, and brought out a carafe of water (i dont know what a carafe is, i thought it was a pitcher, but lana says thats what its thats what i write) they also add a gratuity onto your bill but its dirt cheap. the service is good so if you go there, give the server more money than what they grat you for.

to start off with we ordered the foccocia bread, which i thought was going to be similar to brushetta, but we found out it was very different. it was basically a small cheese pizza with tomatoes, olive oil, little garlic, and herbs. SO GOOD! it came out with a side of marinara but that was on the shittier side of things. the oil was separated and floating on top of the sauce, but other than that it was pretty good...i would like to try it when fresh since it was still pretty good considering how old it was.

the pizza was top notch. you can tell a pizza is made fresh when you still get flour residue on your fingers from eating it. the topping selection was a little slim, but if you are just looking for a basic pizza then you wont be disappointed in your options. there was very little grease on it and i felt like i could pound out a whole pie and not even be full. everything was perfect. and for a large it was only ten bucks! oh, i almost forgot. you also get the biggest Parmesan cheese and red pepper flake shakers i have ever seen!!

check out their website, here.

passport's gluten free pizza. by chris thibodeau

About 6 months ago I found out that I had an intolerance to Gluten. For those of you who don't know Gluten is a protein found in wheat. Also for those of you who don't know me, my diet up until 6 months ago consisted manly of products containing Gluten. I had to give up or find alternatives to many things, but the hardest to give up was pizza.
Like any normal kid growing up in America, pizza was my favorite food. The one food item I could eat everyday if need be. I never seemed to get tired of it. I felt like a little piece of me died when I realized no more pizza.
I felt some relief when I found out that you could make a Gluten free pizza, but was apprehensive about the difference no wheat would have on the taste.
So, I have declared it my duty to try every Gluten free pizza out there. The two restaurants in the area I have found to have a gluten free pizza are Passport Pizza and Uno's.
Both are pretty similar pizzas... thin crust, and your choice of toppings. Basic stuff here. However, I think that the passport pizza is hands down the better gluten free pie for a few reasons.
A. Passports pizza has a crunchier crust, which is pretty important for a thin crust. Gluten free dough can sometimes be soggy tasting. I have noticed that the two times I have had Uno's the crust was slightly soggy.
B. Passport is cheaper. 9.99 at passport 11.99 plus tip at Uno's
C. Location Location Location. Passport is very close to home and they deliver.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

this little dude knows how to party

saw this kid at trunk or treat last night. coolest costume there.