Sunday, November 22, 2009

VGS!!! on silver lake parkway. fenton.

anyone that has ever lived in fenton, or knows someone that lives in fenton, or has been hungry in fenton past midnight knows that there isnt ANYTHING to eat in that town other than taco bell. and that sucks.

ive been living in flint for 5 years now and i have just gotten used to being able to walk across the street and going to tom z's or driving to center rd to the starlight diner when im hungry and its late. but in fenton, you stay hungry and bored. man, i do not miss living in this town.

the pizza at vgs is decent. they have two sizes, one size is 7 dollars and one thats 9 dollars. we got the 7 dollar one and it does the trick. i honestly cant tell you what they have for toppings but whatever we have ordered we have always been able to get. even though the pizza is just alright, it sure beats eating nothing or settling for a store bought frozen pie.

two summers ago when me and lana first started dating we would go to vgs and get a pizza 3 or 4 times a week. me, being awkward and shy and really not knowing what to do while hanging out with a girl looked forward to this. actually, the first time we got pizza at vgs they had carmel kit kat bars for sale so i convinced her to letting me put it on the pizza. it was good if you ask me. the story may be a little different if you ask her. she puts up with all my weird ideas. thanks lana!

so all in all. if you are hungry or bored or just socially awkward and on a date and its late. go to vgs, ask for ashly(jay dowds little sister) and get yourself a pie!

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  1. I live in Fenton and at Sagebrush you can eat until 1 am just a fyi