Wednesday, December 2, 2009

sicilys pizza

last night was the first time either of us went to sicilys pizza on south saginaw st in burton. i have heard how good the pizza was but always just a bit turned off on the location and building that i never actually went there. well, now that i have this blog it basically forced me to go. and im glad we did!

the parking to the place is in the back as well as the entrance to the restaurant. when opening the door you step right into the kitchen. it was weird. i thought we had went to the wrong door but the guy working the pizza oven told us to walk right on through. there is a small hallway to the right of the kitchen that you zig zag in and pop out into the dining area. the dining area consisted of about 6 poker tables and a few chairs and smelled like the bottom of an ash tray. it was pretty wild. we sat down and were greeted by a lady that looked like she belonged in the texas chainsaw massacre rather than a pizza joint and the first thing she told us is that the place is cash only. shit! all i had is a debit card. we placed a to go order and then went to the atm.

my atm is right next to a 7-11. me or lana cant be near a 7-11 and not stop in for a slurpee...ok, two slurpees! actually, there was three but i picked one up for my room mate/land lord tommy!

back to sicilys we go to pick up our to go order. again, park in the back and walk through the kitchen. still just as weird as the first time. the place consisted of three employees. texas chainsaw lady, this old italian man that wore a little cooks hat and had a ton of arm hair, and a man with thick coke bottle glasses. the employees were just as bizarre as the restaurant. oh well. i gave the lady a ten dollar tip and she was pretty pumped.

anyway, the pizza is fucking good! its real thin and crispy and everything is just perfect! we also got garlic cheese bread and it was by far the biggest loaf of bread turned into garlic cheese bread i have ever had. prior to this i thought luigis was the best thin crust/garlic cheese bread i have had. well move the fuck over! sicilys is the best thin crust in flint! its a must have! everything is hand made. how do i know? well, i walked through the damn kitchen twice, and, we ordered tomatoes on our pie and on our way out with our pizza there was half a tomato sliced on the cutting board.

i was a little rough on the employees and the restaurant in this post. but damn, the place truly is indescribable. you just have to go there and you will know what i mean.


  1. Love your description of the place, Zac. I've never heard of this place, but I'll give it a shot.