Thursday, December 10, 2009

bells-lansing, mi

this place is everything that wize guys is not, its one of my favorite places to eat in lansing, and its how a pizza by the slice place should be. they are open till 4am, reheat the pizza you order in the oven, and have a good variety of pizza to chose from. oh yeah, and the older slices are buy one get one! the crust is thick and soft and everything is just good. do they use sauce? never can tell. but who cares! this shit is good!!!
last saturday before we went to the small brown bike show we all went to bells to get a few slices and talk about records and past shows. it was great. my friends rule. and here is what they have to say about bells.

these are tylers slices and his thoughts.

How better to pre-empt a sold out Small Brown Bike show at Macs Bar, than with Bell’s Pizza. Tonight Bell’s was rad… not only because I have super cool friends, but because I got buy 1 get 1 free Pepperoni and Mushroom Slices, and the lady forgot to charge me for my 2 breadsticks. The pizza was average because it was the older stuff, hence BOGO, but it sure set up an awesome night… After also getting hustled in line by spandex north facers I like Lance was pretty bummed, but the... buy one get one slices made up for it.

these next two are from jason kotarski.

The first thing I noticed at Bell’s was the super thick crust. It wasn’t thick like Chicago-style pizza but it was thicker than your everyday slice, and pretty moist too! I decided to try a slice of barbeque chicken which was sweet and gooey in the best sort of way. I was little disappointed with my second slice of ham and pineapple. This slice seemed lacking in sauce. Even with the fantastic crust it was a little dry. For me, the East Lansing pizza scene has some neck and neck contenders for best pie, Bell’s and Georgio’s. Either one will do for me on the way to see Small Brown Bike!

these two slices are lances, and his thoughts...

I have to say I like the Bell's on M.A.C. better, the slices I would normally get are a lot more fresh at that location. Probably because the foot traffic is much higher. After getting hustled in line by spandex north facers I was pretty bummed, but the... buy one get one free cheese slices made up for it.


  1. lances should have been first, because my reference to his post doesn't make any sense if they read my first... boner...