Wednesday, December 2, 2009

the fenton house

back when i was in middle school the place to go on half days was first to stop into sweet variations for some candy, and then cross the street to the fenton house for some video games and bread sticks. back then, the fenton house was always loud and filled with rowdy kids and it was sweet. maybe it was always filled with rowdy kids because i only went there with a bunch of kids...i suppose that makes sense.

then the place burned down and they reopened it and the place was filled with Indian artwork, new paint, dim lighting, and a new vibe to it. not so much kid friendly anymore. then a few years ago some drunk dude blew past the intersection and ran his car right into the kitchen of the place. man, what bad luck this place has had these past few years.
well, the bread sticks and pizza havnt changed and the arcade is still there. by far, the best bread sticks in fenton. if you have ever been to an open house in the fenton/linden area, chances are you ate fenton house bread sticks. they are soft, seasoned and buttery. perfect.

we went there tonight and got a pesto pizza, bread sticks, and a big 'ol bowl of minestrone soup. the soup sucked. not much more to say about it.

the pizza on the other hand was delicious! i am a mushroom fan but after a while i get sick of the canned slimy mushrooms that you expect on a pizza. well, not at the fenton house. everything is hand cut and fresh. so good! my aunt chris told me i have acid reflux so thats why we opted with the pesto pie. the pesto is great but a little on the greasy side. but other than that, it was a flawless pizza. and the price is right. all in all our bill was a little over 20 dollars! deal.

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