Thursday, May 13, 2010

pizza heaven-flint, mi

pizza heaven is on fenton road, just south of bristol. it used to be called the pizza company but changed the name a few months back. i have driven past this place for years and have never tried it until tonight and i was very impressed!

DSC00346 straight up, best cheese bread in town!! yeah, i know, i have said this in older postings, but, this is the real deal. the cheese bread is loaded with butter that basically explodes out of the bread when you bite into it and is topped off with mozzarella and parmesan cheese. damn, it was delicious!!

DSC00347 the pizza does not disappoint either. the toppings are loaded and piled high, the sauce is probably the sweetest sauce i have had so far while writing this blog and the crust was flavored perfectly.

before i left the owner of the place told me that she has a new menu coming out and she was very excited about it. i asked her what was on it that was so exciting and told her i write this blog but she still wouldn't let me know. all i could get out of her is that she is going to have some stuff that NO ONE  in town has! she told me one of the new items but made me promise i wouldn't tell anyone, so i wont. just make sure you go there in the next few weeks and try some of the new stuff…i know i will be!