Thursday, November 12, 2009


so tonight me and lana went to luigis before going to the flint institute of arts to check out a movie called dead snow. the movie was about zombie Nazis attacking these medical students on spring break. it was pretty cool. the movie was called dead snow, check it out.

there is just something about thin crust that allows you to woof down slice after slice and not feel full, gross, or greasy. luigis has been around forever. its on davison road and its delicious. they serve the pizza nice and thin with the topping and cheese right to the edge. the crust is crispy and flaky, the sauce is light, and they dont nickle and dime you with the toppings. i am usually a franks red hot or Tabasco guy except when it comes to luigis, then its all about vinegar. god, the pizza is so good. if you are looking for thin crust in flint, from my knowledge, luigis is the place to go.

we also got cheese bread. sorry in advance, mom, but if you could cook i would imagine this cheese bread being served up at our family spaghetti dinners. its made on a 1/4 loaf of Italian bread with some garlic butter on it and then piled thick with cheese. the garlic butter soaks into the bread and its fucking good.

here is the address to luigis. i suggest you check it out!!
2132 Davison Rd
Flint, MI 48506-3642
(810) 234-9545

lana drew this picture on the place mat at dinner, thought i would share it.

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