Sunday, November 15, 2009

delucas-lansing, mi

on friday me and lana went out to lansing to check out a show at the basement 414 where our friends in trisorta and the summer pledge played. before the show we hit up a few record stores with our friend lance and later met up with his girlfriend, kate, and went to get some pizza at delucas. lance told me how great the place was and talked it up alot so i was expecting it to be great. lance didnt let me down!

walking up to the place it just looked like your normal old person friday night dinner joint. it was all brick and lots of brown. i was just assuming i would be walking into a place covered in brown leather seats and being served water in those clear plastic brown tinted cups and looking at real crappy animal paintings on the walls. but as i walked in the inside was really nice and fancy...maybe a little too fancy for us as we found out later on. some dude wouldnt stop staring at us when we left our table, it was pretty awkward and uncomfortable for us. but anyway, when we walked in we had to take a ticket and wait a good 20-30 minutes before being seated. in this time there had to have been 15-20 people picking up a pizza they ordered for take out. this alone made me believe i was about to get some good shit.

we ordered two appetizers and a large za. the wait was kinda long but thats to be expected since there wasnt an open seat anywhere and the waitress kept the drinks coming so that was cool. the pizza was nice and thick, cooked perfectly. i know ive said in previous posts that the pizza was piled high in cheese, well, this pizza was literally the cheesiest pie ive had, ever. when we took the first slice out the strings of cheese from the slice to the pizza was a good 8 inches long and probably could have stretched out to a foot long if we really wanted to. you literally had to take a knife to cut the strings of cheese away from the pizza. we got a picture of that but something happened to lances camera and the picture was lost. bummer!! the sauce was real nice and sweet, the dough was soft and real thick. did i mention it was thick crust? i dont think i have. but man, it was real thick. i loved it and i normally hate deep dish.

shit, this is longer than expected. thanks lance for taking us! this is what lance has to say about it.

"The pizza here at Deluca's is easily my favorite slice here in Lansing, it completely dominates over Pizza House, which was my go to slice before I discovered Deluca's. I've never had a pizza with so much cheese on it before, I mean this stuff is cheesy! Don't waste your money on double cheese because this pizza has ability make even the biggest cheese fan in the world say WOW! All in all, Deluca's is a great value and extremely high quality!"

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