Thursday, November 5, 2009

passport's gluten free pizza. by chris thibodeau

About 6 months ago I found out that I had an intolerance to Gluten. For those of you who don't know Gluten is a protein found in wheat. Also for those of you who don't know me, my diet up until 6 months ago consisted manly of products containing Gluten. I had to give up or find alternatives to many things, but the hardest to give up was pizza.
Like any normal kid growing up in America, pizza was my favorite food. The one food item I could eat everyday if need be. I never seemed to get tired of it. I felt like a little piece of me died when I realized no more pizza.
I felt some relief when I found out that you could make a Gluten free pizza, but was apprehensive about the difference no wheat would have on the taste.
So, I have declared it my duty to try every Gluten free pizza out there. The two restaurants in the area I have found to have a gluten free pizza are Passport Pizza and Uno's.
Both are pretty similar pizzas... thin crust, and your choice of toppings. Basic stuff here. However, I think that the passport pizza is hands down the better gluten free pie for a few reasons.
A. Passports pizza has a crunchier crust, which is pretty important for a thin crust. Gluten free dough can sometimes be soggy tasting. I have noticed that the two times I have had Uno's the crust was slightly soggy.
B. Passport is cheaper. 9.99 at passport 11.99 plus tip at Uno's
C. Location Location Location. Passport is very close to home and they deliver.

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