Thursday, November 5, 2009


tyler and burton told me i should come up with a rating scale so each place gets rated on the same stuff. so im gonna start doing that, but first i need to come up with what i want to rate each place by. so until then, heres another post of another great za.

there isn't many highlights about flints north end. its pretty run down and high in crime rates. but on north saginaw there is romas, and it is fantastic! for years i have heard about this place and i finally went to check it out last night with lana.

the restaurant is small and a little run down, but i like that. the kitchen is open, and after working in an open kitchen for 7 years, i like to see the people make my food. the servers seems to know everyone. we ordered waters and they came with 2 lemon slices that were connected together with those little plastic swords and that is fucking cool too. with the water she gave us a glass of extra lemons, which were also connected with a plastic sword, and brought out a carafe of water (i dont know what a carafe is, i thought it was a pitcher, but lana says thats what its thats what i write) they also add a gratuity onto your bill but its dirt cheap. the service is good so if you go there, give the server more money than what they grat you for.

to start off with we ordered the foccocia bread, which i thought was going to be similar to brushetta, but we found out it was very different. it was basically a small cheese pizza with tomatoes, olive oil, little garlic, and herbs. SO GOOD! it came out with a side of marinara but that was on the shittier side of things. the oil was separated and floating on top of the sauce, but other than that it was pretty good...i would like to try it when fresh since it was still pretty good considering how old it was.

the pizza was top notch. you can tell a pizza is made fresh when you still get flour residue on your fingers from eating it. the topping selection was a little slim, but if you are just looking for a basic pizza then you wont be disappointed in your options. there was very little grease on it and i felt like i could pound out a whole pie and not even be full. everything was perfect. and for a large it was only ten bucks! oh, i almost forgot. you also get the biggest Parmesan cheese and red pepper flake shakers i have ever seen!!

check out their website, here.

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