Wednesday, November 18, 2009

grand blanc inn

every tuesday is half off pizza night at the grand blanc in. cool! another half off pizza in town! well i think i would rather wait for the weekend to get white horse after this pie. the 5 day wait may seem like its far off but fuck, its well worth it.

the pizza here is just a bit off. the crust is too thick to be a thin crust but too thin to be a thick crust and its definitely not hand tossed.they overload the crust with Parmesan cheese but no butter or garlic so its very bland tasting. the sauce is super sweet and has a weird tang to it. the cheese is right on point and the topping choices are very good. i found the colder the pizza got the better it tasted...but maybe it was because i didnt like the first few slices that i ended up drenching each piece with Tabasco. ahh yes, the beauty of hot sauce. oh hot sauce, i love you. also, to get half off you have to eat half the pizza. and these pizzas are HUGE! so beware of what size you order. speaking of huge, they have a 28" pie!!

other than the mediocre pizza the actual restaurant was pretty cool. tvs are everywhere and 80s metal is blasting from the dj booth in the corner. bon jovi, motley crue, and u2 were a few of the bands being played. we got there around 7:15pm and the place was packed full of old people. it was weird. and they were loud! strange.

anyway, they had fried pickles! so good!!
all in all, the grand blanc inn isnt that bad. for you beer drinkers they have a tuesday night $2 draft special. so i guess thats cool? and if you are a fan of sweat pizza sauce then you wont be disappointed in the pizza. overall we spent 17 dollars and some change for a large pizza, fried pickles, and one beer. so the price is right.

also, if you get some of your pizza to go they put it on a paper plate, wrap it in tin foil, and then put it paper bag! how fucking cool is that!?
over the past few days ive found two other bloggers from this area that have their own food blogs. check them out!

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