Sunday, April 11, 2010

amicis living room-berkley, mi

CIMG0012 first off, i would like to thank my friend vanessa and matt for taking me and lana to amicis last winter. amicis is high quality great tasting pizza that has a lot to offer.

the first thing i noticed was their cheese options. i am a fan of cheese so for a restaurant to offer 9 different types of cheese you can get on your pizza i get excited!  another thing is the list of toppings seems to be endless. they also offer whole wheat crust and gluten free thin crust! what more can you ask for? they have options for every0ne!

i dont drink, but they have an extensive martini/beer/whatever section. so thats pretty cool if you are into getting a drink with your food. lana also wants me to mention that they use fresh juices for their cocktails, she says that makes a difference.

amicis seems to cater more towards vegans/vegetarians and is a certified by the green restaurant association. they have also been voted as 2004 best martini bar from the detroit free press, 2002 best gourmet pizza by the detroit free press, and 2005-2007 citys best pizza by AOL city guide.

anyway, we got the pesto breadsticks and the vegan #8 pizza. the pesto sticks are wheat breadsticks with a pesto sauce on top served with their own herb tomato marinara sauce…delicious! the pizza was a wheat crust topped with walnuts, artichoke, spinach, and tomato and we chose to add tofu mozzarella…again, delicious!

check out amicis website here. if you are ever in the royal oak/detroit area i suggest you go get yourself some great pizza!!


  1. Dude, Cameron and I are going to see Gogol Bordello and DeVotchka at the Royal Oak Music Theater next week. I'm totally going to tell him we should hit this place up beforehand. I've been wanting to try vegan pizza but I want to make sure it's good!

  2. there is no way you will not be into this place. its the best! the pesto sticks are also vegan.

  3. Fantastic the best pizza this side of the Mississippi!!!Have had it and I am in florida

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