Friday, April 9, 2010

rizzos-flint, mi

DSC00293 there's something about cheap pizza that isn't necessarily good or bad. the kind of pizza that rules because its close, convenient, affordable, and still better than little ceasers. this is the case of rizzos.

walking into this place you have to question as to how they are still in business. the ceiling looks like it is about to cave in, the counter is browned with dirt and the floor looks like it hasn't been mopped in years. the lack of upkeep of the restaurant is a direct reflection on their employees that are found more often playing cards or watching tv than actually working. DSC00294

with all that said, i love this place! they have a deal where you can get a large 2 topping pizza for 5.95 and that's what we got. the pizza is, surprisingly, made fresh hand tossed thin crust. the sauce is sweet and the toppings are a little skimpy, but thats alright. the cheese isn't the greatest either but how cant really expect greatness walking through those doors!


  1. we used to walk to rizzo's from mott in between music classes. cheap, close and yummy!

  2. haha yeah, i would walk there on my lunch break at work every now and then.

  3. And...I just noticed yesterday that they are closed now. :(

  4. they moved to davison/franklin area. i think they said into the old dominos building if i remember right.