Friday, April 9, 2010

daves pizzeria-swartz creek, mi

this place is about as mom and pop as you can get. there's one old man working the kitchen and i am assuming his wife was the sole waitress working the floor. seeing this i wasn't expecting the greatest of service or to get my food fast but i was slightly proven wrong, the service still wasn't that great but its cool. id rather have a waitress that's real than one trying to suck as much as a tip out of me as possible. but, the food did come fast!

DSC00314 the place is filled floor to ceiling with clown posters, masks, balloons, trains, paintings, etc. if it had a clown on it then this place had it on the wall. it was kind of strange, but hey, who am i to judge. the atmosphere was very quiet. the radio was turned low and conversations from other tables were easy to pick up. DSC00307

anything negative i was thinking about this place ended as soon as the cheese bread hit the table. fuck man, it was good. unlike cheese bread at other places (luigis, sicilys) that loaded up the cheese to the point of the bread being soggy, daves cheese bread was pretty light on the cheese and not soggy from grease. so i was into that. it was good!

DSC00311 the pizza was hand tossed thin crust. it kind of reminded me of rizzos in a way but way better. the crust was crispy on the bottom but was also soft, sauce was sweet, the toppings weren't over loaded and the cheese was light. it was good. nothing awesome, but it was good. i liked it.

then to continue with the weirdness of the clowns, this was the to go box we got.


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