Tuesday, October 13, 2009

bear bistro

Bear Bistro
Curtis-Mott Building @ Mott Community College
Monday-Friday 7:30am-8:30pm Saturdays 7:30am-1:30pm
Black Olive and Mushroom Stromboli

So, I work at the Mott College Bookstore and we never had anything good to eat on campus up until the Bear Bistro opened up last winter. Before that we would have to wait until the Little Debbie guy came and gave us expired fudge rounds or donuts, which by no means is a bad thing! i love little debbie! but it just doesnt hit the spot like pizza does.

The pizza at the bistro is by far some of the best stuff i have EVER had! the owners of the bistro are the same people who own Sams Italian Restaurant out in Swartz Creek. anyway, this is the first time i got the stromboli and it was fantastic. i was unaware of the stromboli up until this semester when dan was working with us and he would get it on the regular. i for one was always a fan of just getting a slice but was unable to today since they didnt have any ready when i went over there so i had them make me this. it only took about ten minutes which is good when the work day is dragging on and on. but let me tell you this, by the picture it may look burnt but the dough was super soft, the cheese was packed in there and the toppings wernt over the top. i sprinkled some red pepper flakes on there and topped it off with cholula(we didnt have any franks or tobasco in the break room, bummer!!) and dipped it in the pizza sauce they use which is very sweet in flavor and extreemly good. i ate this about 4 hours ago and am still stuffed like a turkey from it, and thats what i like. cheap food that will hold me over for the rest of the night.

i will have to make another post for the bistro soon for the slices of pizza they have which are gigantic and only run $2!

as this being my first post i wanted it to be the bistro for it is a hidden treasure to most but its deffinetaly worth checking out if you have the chance to. i also want to say that i am no pizza expert and i suck at writing. i will most likely explain things on here as i would in person, so there will be alot of "fucks" "god damns" and "shits" spread throughout my posts.

keep checking back for more updates! and suggest me places to eat.


  1. Great Job on your first review....Let's go to the place in SC and check it out!!