Saturday, October 17, 2009

wize guys

first off, everyone say hello to my mom!

my mom and my dad picked me up downtown today and we got a few slices at wize guys. they both got the good fellas and a salad and i got a slice of cheese. when word first got out about a pizza place opening downtown me, and all my buddies, we are pretty excited. it took what seemed forever for the place to open up but when it did, OOOOWEEEEE, let me tell you they did not disappoint. the prices are right and the slices are big. ordering a whole pie is my preference since its way fresher than the slices, which seem to sit for a while so you never know how good it will be.

the only complaint i have about going in there and getting a slice is that sometimes its nice and fresh and other times they are a bit old. i wish they would reheat the old slices like they do at other pizza by the slice places (NYPD in ann arbor, bells in lansing) oh, and the hours. they close at ten! they need to be open later. but, they do hook it up at the end of the night. my roommate, tom, sometimes gets 3 or 4 slices for the price of 1!!

but anyway, they do this thing with the crust thats badass. they roll it up like a pretzel and all the garlic and butter they put on the crust actually stays in the crust. check out the picture to see what im talking about.

for some reason, my mom thinks this blog is cool. so im having her explain what she likes about wize guys. and heres what she says...

"i like the atomosphere, the staff was very friendly, and it was clean. my pizza was delicious and i liked how i can get just one slice. i want to go back and get a big one, you know, whatever, however you would say that...dont say that!!!. uhmm, hold on let me see. dont type it while im trying to think! ha. well, ha, dad really liked the sausage! haha. the flavor of the crust was just, so good, and then to dip it in my ranch dressing just made it like a breadstick for a special treat at the end, i sure did not need those calories."

thats word for word what my mom said about the place. shes a weird old lady but its cool. she also says i swear too much. fuck it.

check out the menu here

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  1. Your mom is cute. I like the looks of that crust, too..