Sunday, October 25, 2009

sgt pepperonis

ugh, in a few days i turn 24 and i feel about as old as the dirt we all walk on. for the past ten years i have been going to shows and watching bands play on the regular and this past weekend i finally saw one of my favorite bands, the get up kids!

ugh, my cat needs to stay off my desk...he makes these updates take way longer than they should.

anyway, when i first heard about the get up kids show i had a wayne and garth moment. sorta like when they do the extreme close up, click the link if you dont know what i mean. but yeah, needless to say i was pretty excited.
alright, enough about the get up kids. so, sargent pepperonis is located right next to the garden bowl, downstairs from the magic stick, right nextdoor to the majestic cafe and the majestic theatre. so basically anytime a touring band comes through detroit they usually play at either the stick or the majestic and getting back to me getting old i am usually pretty partied out by the time the show is over with and dread the hour drive back to flint. this is where sgt pepperonis come in.

before i leave, i have made it a point to always grab a slice for the road. these slices are big and cheap and it hits the spot. i wasnt super impressed with my slice the other night but you know, everyone has an off day so ill let it slide. the dough is real good and soft, the crust is big and flakey, the cheese is piled high, and the sauce has a nice kick to it. add some crushed red pepper and some tobasco and you got yourself a tasty treat!

thanks to lance for taking this picture, it was good seeing you dude! and his girlfriend kate! good people.

here is my cat annoying me, but i love him. hi kitty!

here is a link to sargent pepperonis. if you are ever in downtown detroit and want to bowl a few games, check out some bands, or just hang out at the bar then you gotta stop in and check it out.

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