Friday, October 30, 2009

wize guys stromboli

today at work we ordered wize guys. nick got the stromboli and could only eat two slices before he had to stop.

this is what nick had to say about it.

"its cheesy, meaty, greasy...its the shit!" - nick mayberry.

this boy weighed 4 pounds on our scale. all of this for 9 bucks! i love wize guys!!

i ate four slices of their pie called the red margheritta and it was fantastic. we both feel like crap and ate too much. although its not pizza, our manager, evetta, made a molten lava chocolate cupcake? i dont know what it was but it was oozing out chocolate and i want more....someone in this library is snoring really loud. go downtown and eat at wize guys!

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