Friday, October 23, 2009

passport pizza

so today me and phil continued our quest for over sized pizza by going to passport pizza and getting there big 24incher called the big ben. for those of you who dont know, passport is located at the old papa johns location on the corner of miller and ballanger highway.

unlike the benitos big ben, passports version had thin dough was lightly sauced and was very cheesy. it was extremely greasy! but it was good!! this is a picture of phils fingers after eating a slice to show how greasy the crust was. but, to be honest, the grease was more so the butter we got added to the crust and not the pizza itself.

this place has a ton of toppings to chose from and also has a few gluten free options too! its definitely worth checking out. the prices are fair and if you order a second pizza its at a discounted price, so thats cool.

the only complaint i have of the place is it took a good 35 minutes for our pizza to be made and that was after about 15 minutes of the guy taking my order trying to haggle me to buy a drink or an order of bread sticks. come on man, i dont want that shit, just give me my za!

you can follow passport on facebook and twitter. and view their menu here.

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