Saturday, October 17, 2009


when i was 14 i worked at a greasy spoon in fenton and during my time there, which turned out to be 7 years(what a waste!) i worked with a tall fat kid with thick coke bottle glasses and a big afro. at first i was thinking "who the fuck is this kid and where did he come from?" and i was just more so intrigued at his size, appearance, and personality that i got to know him. we became good friends and still are ten years later.

anyway, he likes sports and i like sports. in the summer of 06 he lived down the street from me in flint and we would play basketball and watch the pistons nightly. alot of the time tyler would join us since he was just a few houses down at that point in time. so when the pistons entered the playoffs we would always get a big ben half mushroom half pineapple. SO GOOD!

the big ben is a 24inch za. due to its size its best if you let it cool down for a few minutes before digging into it. but once that cheese starts to harden up you are good to go. the cheese is thick, toppings are just right, sauce is sweet, dough is soft and the crust is chewy. what more could you ask for? oh, whats that? Parmesan and garlic crust? yeah, they do that too!

i almost forgot to mention that we once had a big ben eating contest!! we had two teams of 6 people and the team to finish 3 bens first wins. needless to say everyone that participated felt like complete shit for it was one of the hottest days of the summer and we all ate way too much pizza. im pretty sure for week following that day everytime i would sweat i would smell like pizza grease. ugh, the memories. does anyone have pictures of that still? that was a great day.

anyway, here are a few more pictures. one showing off the size of the ben. the other one is to prove that phil is no pizza slacker for he has pizza forever tattooed on his leg.

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  1. were going to need a fuckin big ben/ rootbeer party for pistons opening night...

    get at me...