Tuesday, October 27, 2009

sams italian restaurant

i have a friend named jesse. i used to hate this kid and found him extremely annoying, but, then i joined a band with him and started to skateboard with him alot and he became one of my good friends. now he lives in orlando and i haven't seen him in about a year. i miss that kid. this is jesse's Halloween costume, and i am jealous. willie nelson wig and peter criss cat whiskers!

anyway, sams italian is in the middle of nowhere in rankin. this place is badass. the parking lot literally has 5 parking spaces and to even enter the restaurant was a difficult task. i felt like i was in a maize since the place had and endless amount of doors. but once i entered i walked into a place that looked like a cabin that i would camp in up north. lots of wood, ugly brown leather seats and terrible paintings on the wall. really dark and cozy. great place to wind down and eat pizza the way it should be, sitting at a table with good company.

the pizza, SO GOOD. this boy was probably the cheesiest pizza i have ever had. the crust was super crispy and thin and bubbles were all over the pizza. you gotta love the bubbles! the sauce was really sweet and they didn't skimp on any toppings. however, the topping choices are pretty slim and that was kinda bummer but that has to be expected at a place like this so its no big deal.

they also have these bread stick like creations they call samarinos. its basically like a pizza roll but without any filling. they are slightly buttered and with a hint of garlic, perfect! they also serve them in a big basket and its piled high so you get your moneys worth.

monday-wednesday they have a dollar beer special and also they have half off appetizers if you buy an appetizer.

i linked this place before, but here it is again. its on grand blanc road between torrey and jennings. i suggest you check it out!

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